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See how surprisingly simple life can be with zeigtfilme!


Why is zeigtfilme! better than other video-solutions?
zeigtfilme! is not a video-portal. In contrast to many other services, zeigtfilme! encodes video locally before upload. This ensures excellent quality, produces considerable savings on internet bandwidth and enormously reduces the time it takes to make the videos accessible.

How does zeigtfilme! improve teamwork?
zeigtfilme! offers a powerful way to accelerate and simplify the post-production process. After a successful upload each authorised member of the team receives notification that there is new material available. Team members enter their comments online and these are automatically distributed to the rest of the team. zeigtfilme! provides a simple to use, clearly structured central platform for project communication.

Who administers zeigtfilme! ?
zeigtfilme! includes an easily understood yet powerful web-based interface for managing team contributions. Our user centred system makes changing project or user settings simple and speedy. The user, not the system, is in control when using zeigtfilme!

How much will using zeigtfilme! save us?
zeigtfilme! is a workflow that is customised to the specific requirements of each partner. Whether for a single workstation or company-wide system, we would be pleased to provide you with a tailor-made quotation demonstrating the advantages of zeigtfilme!